cheap and easy?

At barcampSeattle, Bryan, Dylan, Matt, I, and several others started a dialog about helping people adopt accessible design practices. The summary of our discussion was, “make it cheap and easy.” Last week, inspired by a comment from tantek, the dialog continued on twitter. We compared accessible design to green/environmentally-friendly design….and doughnuts. 🙂 I’ve been workingContinue reading cheap and easy?

Event: Perspectives on Social Media

I’m speaking at an event at zaaz next week that ought to be a lot of fun. Here’s the line-up: “Mobile 2.0: Design and Develop for the iPhone and Beyond” – Brian Fling, Flingmedia “Money, Media, and Your Mom’s Peach Cobbler – Social Media Marketing Done Right” – Justin Marshall, ZAAZ” Single AthleticContinue reading Event: Perspectives on Social Media