cheap and easy?

At barcampSeattle, Bryan, Dylan, Matt, I, and several others started a dialog about helping people adopt accessible design practices. The summary of our discussion was, “make it cheap and easy.” Last week, inspired by a comment from tantek, the dialog continued on twitter. We compared accessible design to green/environmentally-friendly design….and doughnuts. 🙂 I’ve been workingContinue reading cheap and easy?

Event: Perspectives on Social Media

I’m speaking at an event at zaaz next week that ought to be a lot of fun. Here’s the line-up: “Mobile 2.0: Design and Develop for the iPhone and Beyond” – Brian Fling, Flingmedia “Money, Media, and Your Mom’s Peach Cobbler – Social Media Marketing Done Right” – Justin Marshall, ZAAZ” Single AthleticContinue reading Event: Perspectives on Social Media

Favorite Harriet McBryde Johnson quotes

My copy of “too late to die young” has several bent pages with underlined passages. Here are a couple of my favorites. “We need to confront the life-killing stereotype that says we’re all about suffering. We need to bear witness to our pleasures.” About a trip to Cuba, “It’s the old socialist formula, ‘From eachContinue reading Favorite Harriet McBryde Johnson quotes

"the float"

At lunch last Friday, I learned about “the float.” Today, I found this article, What PayPal does with your money that says, “The money-transfer service earns interest on funds in its custody” and describes how other folks are kind of miffed at paypal. Cool. I’m not alone. Actually, now that it’s been explained to me,Continue reading "the float"

The John Slatin Fund Accessibility Project

Would you like your site reviewed for web accessibility? The John Slatin Fund Accessibility Project matches accessibility experts with companies that would like a brief review of their site for accessibility. In return, the site owner is asked to contribute a minimum of $500 to The John Slatin Fund. The John Slatin Fund was establishedContinue reading The John Slatin Fund Accessibility Project


Back in the day, Java was supposed to be our “write once, run anywhere” solution. Today, all those beans live on the server handling service calls from other “write once, run anywhere” RIAs. All that promise of fame and glory and they end up hiding in the background. Poor beans. They just weren’t flashy enough.Continue reading irony